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Venus Flytrap Only Native To a 60 Mile Radius, Don’t Actually Eat Many Flies

The Venus Flytrap is only native to a 60 mile radius area in Wilmington, North Carolina and less than 5% of the insects it consumes are flying, with even less of that being flies.

The Venus Flytrap is easily the most famous carnivorous plant species, but there are actually only about 35,000 of Venus Flytraps in their native 60 mile radius habitat. Even though it’s only native to such a small area the Venus Flytrap species has been successfully transplanted and cultivated all over the world.

The somewhat ironically named flytrap actually doesn’t trap many flies at all. Flying insects account for less than 5%¬†of the plant’s diet which mostly consists of 33% ants, 30% spiders, 10% beetles, and 10% grasshoppers plus various others.

The Venus Flytrap relies on its ability to trap insects because the nutrient poor swamp soil in its native habitat does not provide sufficient energy to propagate.

Featured Image: New Scientist

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