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Stewardess Survived Sinking of Titanic and Two Sister Ships

Most people are aware of the Titanic, known for a short time as being virtually unsinkable, which only managed to last four days of service before colliding with an iceberg and sinking.

The Titanic wasn’t the only one of its kind though, there were two more sister ships built by the same ship yard, all of which sank relatively quickly and all of which shared a common passenger.

710 passengers survived the sinking of the Titanic, one of which was Stewardess Violet Constance Jessop.

Amazingly Violet survived the sinking of the whole trio of Olympic-class ocean liners including the Titanic in 1912, Britannic in 1916, and Olympic in 1935. As she was escaping the Britannic Violet got onto a life raft which also sank when it was sucked under by the propellers.


Violet Jessop worked for the White Star Line and survived 3 sinkings

Most people may have considered a career change after all this, but Violet continued to work for White Star Line cruising around the world until her retirement years later. Violet died in 1971 from congestive heart failure.

Similar to the Titanic, the Britannic and Olympic both sank due to external factors rather than design problems. The Britannic was sunk by a torpedo or mine after only 11 months in service and the Olympic lasted the longest before colliding with a Navy vessel after 24 years of service.

Featured Image:  © Bettmann/CORBIS National Geographic

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