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Painting The Town Red – Or Whatever Color You Like

In Stockholm, Sweden there is a tower with colored lights that can be controlled by anyone with a smartphone.

This ingenius mix of architectural design and technology is called ‘Colour by Numbers‘ and forms part of the ‘Telefonplan Tower’. It is easy to find, just head to the Telefonplan metro station and you will see the tower. Especially while illuminated at night.

Installed in 2006, the rainbow-colored installation shines from the windows on the upper-half of the 20-story spire.


The colors are chosen by those that have logged into the smartphone app. Amateur painters of light decide on a floor they would like to manipulate and then using a mixable RGB interface on the phone Рthey choose the color that shines from that section of the tower.

colour-by-numbers 3

The tower’s lights can be seen from all around southern Stockholm and is a must see sight for anyone visiting the city.

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