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The Oldest Working Brewery in Britain

Beer plays a far greater role in the identity of Britain than even the Queen. In fact, Britain’s love affair with the hopped filled brew goes back many centuries.

Although it is not known when “beer” arrived in the green and pleasant lands of the British Isles, it is universally agreed that the Britons were drinking plenty of beer at the time the Romans decided to stay. (Although, it would actually be classed as ale.)

Those Romans tried to introduce grape based alcoholic drinks in the form of vino, however this had no hope in replacing the average Briton’s love of the warm stuff.


Ale drinking was good for the health too. It was safer from disease than water, it was easy to brew, and the fact the alcoholic level was low, meant it could be drunk throughout the day without severe intoxication.

The Three Tuns Brewery first enters the record books when the brewery was first granted a license in 1642. This makes it Britain’s first commercial beer brewers.

And history has been kind to the company. Where many have folded over the years, the current brewery still exists with part of it remaining on the site of the original 17th Century business, thus making it the oldest working brewery in Britain.


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