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Hero Policeman saves over 300 children from head on collision

Policeman Alexander Kosolapov has been hailed as a hero for his instinctive bravery last week on the Abakan to Ak-Dovurak highway, in Southern Siberia.

On the 25th of July the officer was escorting a convoy of nine buses transporting over 300 children from a summer camp to the city of Abakan, the capital of the Khakassia Republic in Russia.

During the journey a car appeared driving at high speed on the wrong side of the road, headed towards the front of the school bus convoy.

The heroic Kosolapov reacted by shifting his Ford Focus patrol car into the path of the on coming driver, essentially shielding the buses so that he would take the full impact of the collision himself.

“The officer quickly assessed the situation and risking his own life, he managed to prevent a head-on collision with the buses,” a police source told Abakan News.

The move proved devastating to the officer and his vehicle however. Kosolapov is currently in a critical condition in Abakan City hospital with serious multiple injuries. The Ford was reduced ‘into a pile of metal’.

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“According to the experts, it’s a miracle the police officer is still alive,” Khakassian police said in a statement.

However, his decision saved hundreds of young lives. No child came to any harm during the incident.

The car that almost crashed into the children’s buses had five people including a 10-year-old child onboard. All of them received minor injuries.

Authorities are now reviewing the incident and have opened a criminal case against the careless driver.

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UPDATE: 31 July 2015

Kosolapov, is now in stable condition in Abakan hospital. He told RT: “There was no way to escape [the imminent collision].” When asked if, before the collision he saw his life flash in front of his eyes, he said there “wasn’t much time” for that.

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Kosolapov has also been visited by the regional interior minister, who not only thanked him and passed on wishes of a quick recovery from grateful parents, but also promised him a medal for his heroism.

Source: Siberian Times,, Abakan News

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