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Thinking Harder Won’t Burn More Calories

The human brain can burn up to 20% of our calories and burns more calories per pound than muscle.

The human brain only accounts for about 2% of our body weight but is responsible for up to 20% of our resting metabolic rate, which is the rate calories are burned by someone when they are at rest. That is a great deal more than any other part of the human body, even far surpassing muscles.

Can thinking harder cause the brain to burn more calories?

It is often wondered if thinking harder or some kind of mental work can then increase the number of calories burned by our brain. Studies on the subject indicate that increased mental activity does raise the brain’s energy demand some, but only by a very small amount. The brain’s baseline energy demand is so great that the small change appears to be negligible and therefore the act of thinking harder will not result in more calories getting burned.


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