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Apollo Astronauts Had to go Through Customs and Declare Moon Rocks

When returning to Earth after becoming first to land on the Moon the Apollo astronauts had to go through U.S. Customs at the airport and fill out the usual declaration form stating what they were transporting.

They declared they took a flight from the Moon to Honolulu and were transporting moon rocks, moon dust, and stated that any threat of disease was “to be determined.”

Although it was mostly just symbolic and humorous, the crew of the Apollo Moon mission declared their flight path went from Cape Kennedy to the Moon and then Honolulu and that they were transporting moon rocks and moon dust.

The form also stated that any health condition present in them that may spread disease was “to be determined” because they were about to undergo a several week quarantine to determine if there were any health complications.

Today astronauts still have to go through Customs just like anyone else.



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